7 Spots in Paris to Photograph at Night

Paris is a city that is on most of our bucket lists. Why is that? It could be the Eiffel Tower, or the delicious macaroons, or maybe just the feeling of being in such a fashionable city.  The first time I was in Paris, everything I had always imagined didn’t even begin to compare to seeing it all in real life.  The buildings, the statues, the colors, and of course, the croissants. I came to realize though, that my favorite part was actually all the lights of Paris at night.

1.View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Some people are against doing anything touristy in a new city but I’m all for it. There is a reason so many people want to see these things. So my first stop of the evening was heading up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. (And bonus if you are a resident of the EU and under 26 you can get a discount ticket). First thing I will say is that I didn’t realize I had a fear of  heights until I was in the glass elevator heading to the very top. Its much taller than it looks from below. But I pushed through so that I could watch the sunset from the best view in the city. Best decision ever.

eiffel tower view

paris eiffel tower view

2. Eiffel Tower Light Show

Back at the bottom, after the sun was officially gone for the evening, the Eiffel Tower light show began. At the top of every hour the tower glitters and sparkles and lights up the whole city.


eiffel tower

3. Moulin Rouge

The next stop was the neighborhood of Montmarte. While I didn’t go in for a show, the iconic Moulin Rouge was still a gorgeous building to photograph.

moulin rouge paris

4. Sacre Coeur Basillica

The Basillica, Sacre Coeur, sits at the very top of the neighborhood, plus a few more flights of stairs up to the entrance. While a photo of it is indeed beautiful, I don’t think it does justice to how enormous and majestic it is in real life!

sacre couer paris

5. Metro Signs

No where else that I have been has such unique Metro signs. These were all over Paris. I think you could have a photo shoot of just interesting Metro signs you can find throughout the city.

metro sign paris

6. Hotel Le Meurice

Near the Louvre museum, the Hotel Le Meurice lights up the street in a bright pinkish purple.

Hotel paris

7.The Louvre Museum

And finally I spot the pyramid at the Louvre!

Louvre museum paris

Whether its day or night, Paris is the perfect city to up your photography skills because I don’t think you can turn a corner without finding a view worth photographing. I hope to return for a longer time (and maybe in summer) on my next visit to really scour the streets for the hidden gems of Paris. For a first visit, the touristy spots in Paris are actually a must in my opinion because of well, just how plain awesome they are. Night time makes for a fun atmosphere and the lights of the city turn it into a glittering, colorful masterpiece.

Where else have you taken photos of Paris at night? Share below!

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