Finding the Hidden Gem of Tuscany, Civita di Bagnoregio

Ancient Etruscan CityDeciding that our trip to Tuscany this summer would be a road trip was the best decision we could have made! Tuscany is absolutely a place where you need to take your time, see more than one spot, and admire the vast country side. Road tripping also allows you to discover a few hidden gems you may not have found on a scheduled tour or staying at a resort hotel the entire time. We had heard there was a beautiful, ancient Etruscan town situated on the top of a hill in a tiny town in the south of Tuscany and thought this might be an interesting spot to see. It turned out to be more than just interesting…TuscanyIt was breathtaking! Never in my life did I even know something like this existed, let alone in Europe. For miles you could see the deep valley below and standing alone in the middle, perched high up on top of the stone formation, was a fully preserved village with the only access being a long and narrow footpath.
Civita di Bagnoregio, ItalyItalyI didn’t quite realize how high up it was until we started the steep climb. Towards the end, my slight fear of heights started to set in but, before you knew it we were inside the village. Inside Civita di Bagnoregio are a few nice restaurants and wine bars plus a tourist gift shop. Besides that, you will find a few charming streets with stone houses and the occasional friendly cat. etruscan city Italy We decided to make our visit an overnight stay because we wanted to see the village at sunset and stayed at B&B Polinnia. Our host, Victor, said this was the best time to take photos and he was right 🙂 It was only ten minutes walking from Civita and was one of the sweetest Bed and Breakfasts I have ever been to. Plus, the free parking was a big bonus seeing as you can’t get a car into Civita. Victor even gave us free passes for entry into the village, as well as set up a private breakfast for my fiancé and I the next morning. Can you believe all of this was just for us?! I would stay there again just for their hospitality alone 🙂B&B polinnia bagnoregio Civita di BagnoregioAfter spending one day admiring this almost unreal sight, we hopped back in the car and continued on our way. If you missed our winery tours, check out why you ned to visit Castellare and Boscarelli wineries.
Next week we’ll be sharing our foodie tour and time in Siena, the main and largest city in Tuscany.
See you then!

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