How to Enjoy Solo Travel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect city to explore if you are looking for somewhere to travel solo in Europe. I’ll admit it, I normally I prefer to travel with someone but sometimes, solo travel can be so rewarding. And if no one can come with, being alone is definitely no reason to keep yourself from going on an adventure. I do know it can be overwhelming though, to show up somewhere new by yourself. Thats why I am sharing a list of all the best things to do solo in one of the easiest cities in Europe to travel through, so you can enjoy solo travel and keep on seeing the world :).



With solo travel and staying in a hostel, waking up early (by early I mean vacation early which is 8am for me) is not actually that hard. After enjoying a free breakfast at Shelter City hostel I set out right away to explore the city before the crowds came out. This is the perfect opportunity to take some beautiful photos of all the canals with some great lighting and not many photo bombers. The 9 streets district was my favorite area to walk through and take photos of. Every building there is unique and gorgeous and the amount of colorful bikes and flowers I found was awesome!


Along the Singel Canal, the floating flower market or “Bloemenmarkt” is a great place to walk through.  It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and if you are looking for a fun souvenir, which I always am, take home some flower bulbs or bouquets of your own (although if you are flying overseas this probably isn’t the best option of a souvenir but luckily they have lots of cute non perishable souvenirs here too like the adorable little wooden clogs).  Even in fall the market was in full swing with tons of colorful flowers.


cafe amsterdam

A great cafe to take your mid day coffee or smoothie break is Pluk Amsterdam. Healthy, fresh, and oh so cute ;). Its an awesome place for solo travelers just to relax and maybe browse through all the photos you’ve taken so far (I didn’t have internet on my phone in Amsterdam so this was my solution for something to do while eating my carrot cake).


One of the coolest opportunities about solo travel is the chance to meet new people. After my afternoon of adventure I went back to the hostel to relax for a bit. I actually wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rest of the evening by myself. Going to a restaurant by myself still isn’t something I have tried out. But, staying in a female dorm, I just chatted up a few of the other girls in the room and they invited me to go out to dinner and then on a canal tour with them. Another awesome thing about hostels, they have discounts on all sorts of activities!
The canal tour was relaxed and easy and you’ll see all sorts of landmarks along the way.


On the second day I ventured back out on my own on a mission to get to the famous I Amsterdam sign. If you really want to get a photo of it without anyone there, I suggest going before 7am. After that, you’ll have to compete with the rest of the tourists. I really didn’t mind though, still made for a cool shot :).


Another thing I always like to do when solo traveling is go on one of the free walking tours (again most hostels will have info and signups) The one in Amsterdam was my favorite to date! I learned so much cultural history! Our guide was also a spunky girl from the UK and made it a really fun experience with her story telling. We went through the Red Light District, Nieuwmarkt, the old Jewish quarters, 9 streets districts, and ended by the Anne Frank museum. We also got to sample some Dutch cheese (the best!) and had a cappuccino break at a nice cafe.


Amsterdam cheese museum

Annnnnnd speaking of cheese… The Cheese Museum!! To me it’s more of a yummy cheese shop with some history of cheese making but none the less, you can sample every single cheese and they have hundreds! I chose to make cheese my souvenir from Amsterdam :). Its also something simple to do with a half hour after the walking tour.

Amsterdam is the perfect city if you want to give solo travel a go. There are so many things to see and do there that are still fun (maybe even more) even if you are exploring alone. Stay at a hostel, meet some new people, go out for a drink or a canal ride, take a walk through all the canals (and by all I mean as many as you can because have you seen a map of Amsterdam?! Its insane how many canals there are), try some cheese and relax at a cafe. You can’t go wrong in Amsterdam!!!

If you’ve already solo traveled through Amsterdam, what else did you check out? Share below in the comments!
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