Fabric Shopping in Paris

For all you fashion and sewing aficionados, a wonderful little half day excursion while in Paris is to the Montmarte district to discover the abundance of fabric stores. The fabrics, or Tissus as the French say, come in every color, pattern, and type you could imagine. There are two types of stores here, stores for tissue, or fabric on the bolt and sold by the meter, and stores for coupons,  which are precut and pre priced pieces of fabric, normally 3 meters.

The first stop on my fabric tour was Marche Saint Pierre.

Marche Saint Pierre


Here you can find three full floors of Tissus. Some of the best I found were actually the pleathers. They are extremely high quality and appear from the front side to look like real leather. The hand feel is quite soft and they come in every color possible. I found this nice pale pink pleather for bag making.

Pink pleather


They also have a great selection of textured fake furs, suiting material, and printed knits among others.

The next store on the fabric street was Les Coupons de St Pierre. Here you can browse through hundreds of pre cut fabrics. the denim section was particularly exciting as well as the printed cotton wovens. I found this small floral print for 10 Euros per 3 meter piece. It will be a perfect bag liner!

mini floral print


My personal favorite fabric shop was the next on the street, Reine Tissus.

Reine Tissus


Here you will find four floors of amazing prints and unique fabrics. I didn’t find the best fabrics until I went all the way up. Here is also a great place to find the more touristy fabrics, as in fabrics with Parisian prints. The one I purchased here is a great example with a little bit of everything from Paris within the print. There were also fabrics with sweets and macaroons, world maps, and other kitschy fun themes.

Paris print fabric



Around the corner the fun continues with the partner stores selling a large array of buttons, notions, trims, and everything else you need to complete your masterpieces. No matter what you like to sew, the Montmarte fabric district has something you will love. My kid in a candy store feeling was on full blast walking though all of these colorful stores. Its a great way to spend an afternoon in Paris, and as a bonus, its right next to the beautiful Sacre Coeur Basillica, and a great little tourist shop street for all those little souvenirs and goodies you’ll be wanting to stock up on as well.

Sacre Coeur


I wish you luck in your fabric hunt and hope you have as great a time as I did exploring fabrics in Paris! 🙂

Until next time!

Au Revoir!

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