Winter Vacation in the Harz, Germany + FREE Winter Packing Checklists

Winter can start to feel long and harsh come end of January. No more Christmas cheer, ice cold days, and still dark outside when we come home from a long day at work. Its no wonder most people get a case of the winter blues. However, the best thing we can do to beat it, is to get outside and enjoy the winter. While curling up with a good book or taking up knitting can be relaxing, sometimes it takes that fresh, crisp winter air to get out of the slump. Germany is an amazing place to plan a winter getaway. Besides the great food and lovable accents, there are also lots of places to enjoy piles of fresh white snow and get back to nature. Bonus: at the end of this article I have the perfect Winter Packing checklist download for you to get vacay ready!

Harz National Park

The Harz National Park in Germany about  2 hours from Berlin is always packed with snow in Winter. All of the towns in the Harz are the ideal fairy tale towns. Beautiful castles, relaxed atmosphere, and  probably the best cheesecake you’ll ever taste. During winter, you can find plenty of ski hills, hiking trails, and winter resorts to cover your winter vacay needs.
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Here are some great places in the Harz to go:

Braunlage is a great place to go skiing for all levels and filled with little ski resorts, cafes, and restaurants with traditional German food. The hiking trails here also have great views over the landscape.

is the perfect place to enjoy your stay in the Harz and relax in a gorgeously renovated hotel without breaking the bank!

Matthias-Schmidt-berg and Sonnenberg in St. Andreasberg also has great ski hills for beginner and intermediate skiers.

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There are also plenty of vacation home rentals in this area to take advantage of as well.


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And even if you can’t get out to Germany or the Harz this winter, here’s five reasons to still get outside and take a hike!!

1. Fresh air is energizing! We spend so much time indoors in winter without fresh air, its easy to feel tired lethargic. Taking in a few deep breaths of crisp, cold air can give our bodies a bit of that missing energy back

2. Sunlight boosts our moods, releasing Seratonin which we get far too little of in the darkness of January

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3. A hike in nature makes for a great romantic and playful date (who doesn’t want to build a snowman together?)
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4. A winter wonderland like this one is a great photo shoot opportunity

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5. And finally, you’ll take care of your daily cardio walking through snow, it’s almost as good as doing stairs!
Winter Wonderland Hike through the Harz National Park

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And of course, when you’re done playing in the snow, its the perfect excuse to enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate or a frothy cappuccino 🙂

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If you’re ready to plan your winter getaway now, here’s a little more extra help with a free downloadable winter vacation packing checklist!

Winter Vacation Packing List

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